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Do you want to know what future reserves for your company? Are you interested in next month sales?

We provide a glimpse into the near future of your business.

Update: car sales forecast also available for the US market!


We do the forecast for you!

You just need to upload the monthly sales data from the past, and our application will calculate an estimation of future sales.

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to forecast, based on complex models. Beside your own data, we incorporate also the impact of macroeconomic factors on your future sales.

Global Approach

The demand for automobiles is influenced by several macroeconomic factors, thus the process of predicting future sales requires a global approach. While your sales data is essential for predicting next-month sales, we include also other factors that decrease or increase the demand for automobiles.

Realistic Expectations

Our application provides an indispensable view on the near future for your business. Predicting the approximative sales in future, helps your business to estimate potential revenues and shapes realistic expectations. Moreover, the future of your business is estimated taking into consideration the socio-economic conditions.

How to use Autopred?

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Detailed description

Autopred is a web-based application tailored to assist automobiles dealers in forecasting their potential sales in future. We offer you the possibility to outsource sales forecasting, by providing a powerful and easy to use application. We consider that sales forecasting is an essential tool for automobile wholesale and retail businesses.

Therefore, complex sale data analysis should lead to realistic expectation in terms of next-month sales. Knowing what to expect in future helps business owners to take the right decisions in advance. Usually, simple forecasting might lead to unreliable predictions which can lead to incorrect expectations and potential losses for your business. While we do acknowledge that some forecasts are made by your financial department we take a step further.

What makes our product innovative is the complex approach on sales data analysis, using the latest machine learning models in forecasting. Our models are not only based on the sales data provided by you, but also on exogenous factors that have a major influence on automobile industry. To be more specific we base our prediction on macroeconomic exogenous factors that are main drivers of automobile industry. We use general macroeconomic factors (economic growth, gross domestic product per capita, population growth and others) and specific macroeconomic factors (price of oil, price of transport fuels) to obtain significantly improved forecasts regarding next-month sales of automobiles.

What do we offer?

We build complex time series data analysis models, that aim to predict the future sales in car industry. The models have a integrated approach and are able to predict future sales for various types of car sellers. The customized forecasts are client specific due an interactive approach between our application and a user-friendly interface.

Our models are constructed to analyze your data, find time patterns and produce short-term forecasts. We avoid long-term forecasts, because it is scientifically proven that forecast for long-term period tend to be unreliable, due to exponentially increasing confidence intervals. Beside interactive access to our models, we also take the responsibility to constantly update the exogenous factors database. If you decide to use our services you should rest assured that your forecasts will be based on up-to-date macroeconomic data.

What do you have to do?

If you decide to give it a try, you are firstly required to create an account and then upload your sales data. It is important to underline that we respect your confidentiality and we know that your business data is classified. Therefore, in order to use our services you are required to provide only sale of units data on monthly basis. We do not require any other sensible data about your business.

We consider important to mention that the data disclosed by you is secured and our website is protected by SSL protocols. Moreover, you are in full control on what type of data you want to use and upload to our application. Additionally, to provide extra confidentiality, our models do not require a detailed description of what type of products you want to forecast. This means, that you are free to decide what to upload and forecast, by providing simple time series data on your sales data. Of course that means that once the forecasts are made, it is your responsibility to attribute those predictions to your products. This simplified approach ensures you, that as little as possible of your private data is disclosed while providing you with useful forecasts that can contribute to your business growth.